PSYCH-K-ology Services and Packages:

These sessions and packages offer dramatic shifts and radical transformation.

Profound and comprehensive changes may occur from the initial session.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have bought a package and had your 6 sessions, and you don’t see or feel a significant, measurable improvement, the 7th session will be free.

$200 “GOLD STANDARD” (1hr)

In this discovery session, we will identify and transform limiting subconscious beliefs and stressful situations that cause fear and angst and begin the process of change. Whether you want to improve your health, wealth, relationships, self-esteem, work, parenting, or performance – or to overcome anxiety, depression, feeling trapped in a difficult situation or relationship, grief or trauma – this session is for you!

This session can be done face-to-face, on-line, or over the phone.

$400 “LIFE ENHANCEMENT” (Most Popular) (2hr)

This is a great opportunity for “out of towners” or for anyone who wants accelerated shifts and changes. This concentrated session will transform your perception of stressful situations, get you out of a rut, iron out a series of challenging concerns, help you create goals, and get you started towards achieving a joyous life for yourself.

This session is designed to leave you feeling empowered and optimistic about the future.

$1200 “LIFE AND SOUL MAKEOVER” (6 x sessions)

We can combine a series of 1- and 2-hour sessions for remarkable and irreversible positive results. We will begin with a discovery session, as in the “gold standard”. Next, we will enhance your communication skills so you feel better understood and you can express yourself clearly. Then we will understand and adjust your core beliefs that may be negatively affecting the quality of your life.

The next session is designed to deepen your understanding with your loved ones by identifying and transforming issues that challenge these important relationships. Session 5 will be the life bonding balance, which will address issues around birth, death and everything in between. The last session will iron out any lingering concerns.

This package truly is transformational. You will feel powerful, in control, trusting of yourself and have clarity about your future.

$1700 “RELATIONSHIP TRANSFORMATION” (2 x individual sessions each and 1 couple session.)

This package is designed to change and transform your relationship with either your partner, family member, friend, or work colleague. We all bring “emotional baggage” and triggers into relationships, often without even being aware of what we are doing or saying. This powerful package is aimed to improve your communication patterns and build a harmonious relationship. You will feel closer and more connected than ever before.

Both partners need to be equally engaged in wanting change.


This effective and influential session really “packs a punch”. From CEOs to management and rippling down to personnel on the ground, we can change the culture, improve leadership, develop and motivate individual potential, reinforce collegial relationships, strengthen work ethic and values, and create a place where employees look forward to spending their time, being productive.

This session can be done either in person, or online.