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I believe Psych-K is the energy, psychological, spiritual and emotional healing of the future.

The essence of PSYCH-K® is changing subconscious beliefs through the processes and balances of whole brain integration, and by using muscle testing in a psychological way.

PSYCH-K® is a form of energy psychology and is an effective, verifiable, and simple process that helps to change self-limiting, subconscious beliefs to new self-supporting and adaptive beliefs. This is not positive psychology. It is far beyond that. It is self-realization. It is a spiritual process with physical, mental and psychological benefits.

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I have been a social worker and clinical psychologist for the last 27 years in private practice. Discovering PSYCH-K® was a spiritual awakening and emergence for me. This has given me the ability to focus on the nature of change, the nature of beliefs and the effect our beliefs have on our lives.

What I love about PSYCH-K® is that it accesses the innate wisdom, knowledge, strength, and divinity in all of us. When I experienced the swift, miraculous physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes taking place within myself, I transitioned my practice almost overnight. I wanted all my clients to experience rapid, positive changes in the same way that I had. PSYCH-K® offers irreversible positive effects! It has given me the confidence to help clients, immediately, in a way that traditional therapy has not.

PSYCH-K® adds a different dimension to therapeutic change. It is an easy, gentle, effective, and rapid way to change beliefs, and perceptions, which changes one’s reality. By perceiving our past differently, we are freed from it.

I have discovered that most of the answers lie within energy, beliefs, and the subconscious. PSYCH-K® is different from traditional therapy in that it does not require us to revisit and relive past traumas. Insight and conscious knowing are not usually necessary to change beliefs, the situation, dysfunctional behaviours or aid our emotional healing. The real healing seems to come from working with our subconscious mind, in a whole-brained state, to increase our connection to ourselves, our inner world, and our spirituality. All the answers we seek, are already within each of us.

Contact Jen for more information on PSYCH-K® facilitated sessions (either in-person or on-line). My number is: 0420966551.

I work in a beautiful, rural  setting in NSW. For people who are out of town, I do offer on-line sessions, however I have found huge benefit in coming overnight, and doing 2 sessions on the first day, and 2 sessions on the second day. Many people, walk away from these intensive sessions as being forever, positively changed.

“Changing subconscious beliefs creates potential.
Putting them into action creates results”.

(Robert M. Williams, The Missing Peace in your Life,
The Myrddin Corporation, 2004-2009)

What is PSYCH-K®?

PSYCH-K® was originated by Rob Williams in 1988. This program is a synergistic combination of divinely inspired ideas merged with a few elements derived from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psycho-spiritual processes, Milton Erickson Style Hypnotherapy, Educational Kinesiology, and Acupressure healing modalities. The result is a highly dynamic and successful means of changing sabotaging beliefs, which are sustainable. PSYCH-K® is a way of aligning our subconscious mind’s beliefs, attitudes and values to our conscious mind’s considered goals and directions.

It is the most rapid way of reprogramming beliefs that are not supporting us.

PSYCH-K® can change beliefs, subconscious programmes, and one’s life profoundly. Through PSYCH-K® we can re-wire the subconscious mind and literally develop new neural pathways, creating positive changes in all areas of our lives.

Using these processes may require us to confront frustrating, uncomfortable, unpleasant beliefs we hold about ourselves or others and our fears. It enables us to step into our personal power and change our lives. PSYCH-K® can work wonders in our lives! It is a vehicle for change. It does not choose what we should believe. Rather, it helps us believe what we choose to believe! We create a world we want to live in, one belief at a time.


The “secret to life” is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives. PSYCH-K® is a simple, self-empowering process to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level.” Dr Bruce Lipton, PhD. Cellular Biologist

What is your belief system? Are you living in fear? Where is your power? How much do you believe in yourself? How much do you believe in your ability to heal yourself?

Many of us are perplexed by our seemingly automatic behaviour. We often say or feel, “Life is unfair”, “I don’t deserve happiness”, “everyone hates me”, “It is selfish to meet my own needs”, “Looking after myself seems indulgent”, “Why does life have to be so hard?”, “Nothing can change, I am stuck”, “I always make the wrong decisions” or “I feel anxious and depressed all the time”.

Beliefs are the building blocks of our personality. They affect our self-esteem, prosperity, relationships, job performance, spiritual outlook, and mental and physical health. Our beliefs are the precursors of all behaviours, feelings, and interpretations we experience in our life, and these beliefs sit in our subconscious mind. We cannot access them because they are below our conscious awareness, at the subconscious level, that needs to be changed. Beliefs are programmed into us before the age of 7. Now we are adults, and we are still carrying around childhood beliefs. Many of these beliefs are outdated, outmoded, and no longer worthy of who we are, who we want to be, or who we are becoming. Changing beliefs is the essence of PSYCH-K®.

Differences between conscious and subconscious minds

These early experiences, affect our beliefs and our future experiences. In mainstream psychotherapy, we have been trying to change subconscious beliefs through conscious means. It turns out that the conscious and subconscious minds are vastly different.

The conscious mind thinks abstractly and is conceptually based. The subconscious mind thinks literally and experiences reality through the 5 senses. The conscious mind is responsible for short term memory (average length is around 20 seconds). The subconscious mind is responsible for long term memory. It remembers how to walk, talk, breath, drive … it takes conscious learning and turns it into habitual understanding. The subconscious mind is extremely powerful.

The conscious mind is time bound and operates either in regretting the past or agonising about the future. The subconscious mind is timeless and operates in the present now moment only.

The conscious mind has limited processing ability, it averages 1-3 events at a time, and 40 bits of information per second. The subconscious mind has expanded processing capacity. It can process 1000s of events, and averages 40 billion bits of information per second. It controls motor functions. We cannot walk, talk, digest our food, and breath without a huge amount of processing capacity. The subconscious mind is habitual and is constantly monitoring the autonomic functions of the body. It prefers the familiar and its basic job is to keep us alive and safe.

With all those differences between the conscious and subconscious minds, it is almost impossible for the two minds to communicate with each other directly. This is where PSYCH-K® comes in. It provides information and tools to communicate with the subconscious, to facilitate a change in our beliefs, which changes our perception, and then changes our reality. According to Dr Bruce Lipton and his discoveries in Epigenetics, the debate over nature vs nurture has been well and truly answered. If we change our environment (either external and / or internal), we change our beliefs.

Our beliefs determine our biological and behavioural reality. Virtually every part of our life is governed by our belief systems. Beliefs are the filters of our reality. We do not see the world as it is. We see the world as we are, through our perception and our experiences. In a nutshell, it means that the “facts” of any given situation are just our “subjective opinion”, our filters of reality and our perception. Perception causes us to believe and act in the way that we do.

Beliefs create perceptions which affect virtually every area of our lives: self-esteem, relationships, prosperity, family life, job performance, mental health, physical health, and spiritual outlook. Our perceptions will either define us as worthy or worthless, loved or unloved, healthy or unhealthy, successful or unsuccessful, competent or incompetent, or happy or depressed. Our perceptions of ourselves will impact how we see ourselves, how we relate to every person in our lives, and how we are in the world.

We can choose to move towards joy and freedom, or to move towards protection and fear. Consciously we all want to have our lives work easily and happily. We want our lives to be filled with joy and pleasure and to look forward to each day. The only thing that prevents us from living a joyful life is our subconscious programming. This is the difference between growth (positive and adaptive) and protection (maladaptive and negative). Our childhood programming becomes our habits of perception and behaviour. By the age of 7, our personality is pretty much set. That means we have had enough experiences to draw conclusions about ourselves, the world around us, our environment, and now we are either looking at ourselves through the growth or protection filters.

The good news is that through PSYCH-K®, beliefs are changeable, and we can break patterns and cycles that are no longer working for us.

Muscle testing

PSYCH-K® uses muscle testing as a means of communicating with our subconscious, because the subconscious controls motor functions such as muscle movement. It is quite different using muscle testing in a psychological way from using it in any other way. It is an accurate measure as to what is going on in our subconscious mind, and what those beliefs are and what they are not. It controls our autonomic nervous system, our biology, our motor functions and ultimately our health. If there is a conflict between the conscious and subconscious minds, there will be a weakened muscle response.

Left Brain / Right Brain / Whole Brain integration

To complicate matters further, we also have two hemispheres of the brain, which is understood in brain dominance theory. This is also a key aspect associated with the change process. The left brain is responsible for logic, rationality, order, control, and we think in words. Additionally, the left hemisphere controls motor functions on the right side of our body. Whilst the right brain is responsible for emotions, creativity, being spontaneous and thinking in pictures. The right hemisphere controls motor functions on the left side of our body. Often these two parts compete for our attention. The corpus collosum is a bundle of nerve fibres and acts as a communication pathway between the left and right hemisphere. It is a bridge between the two hemispheres.

What typically happens is whatever activity we are absorbed in e.g., paying bills, our left brain is mainly being used with little cross over. If we are having an emotional fight with someone we care about, we are predominantly operating only with our right brain. In both instances, our corpus callosum shuts down and becomes a barrier rather than a bridge.

Ideally, what we want is for both hemispheres to be switched on and working simultaneously – this is called a whole brain state or whole-brained integration. We want to be able to perceive our reality through both hemispheres at the same time, which is one of the keys to successfully dealing with life’s challenges in a balanced and effective manner.

Our beliefs determine the limits of what we can achieve! If we believe we can, or if we believe we can’t – we are right! (Henry Ford).


“Having seen Jen for more than four and a half years. It has been a very successful journey of growth and development. From being very anxious, stressed and lacking confidence, my life now has been turned around thanks to Jen.

Jen is a wonderful facilitator of various styles of therapy.

Over the years I have engaged in much one-on-one work. Each session tailored to my growth. Jen is very intuitive to my needs.

She has introduced me to different styles of therapy that have benefited me in many ways.

We have had our sessions where she has listened and encouraged me to set goals, problem solve and make decisions for myself that would benefit me at home, at work and socially.

When faced with fears and anxieties Jen introduced me to EMDR. This style of therapy has supported me to lessen both fears and anxieties surrounding driving, flying, or even manoeuvring myself around daily life. With each step of the process, I watched as my anxieties and fears faded away as each thought faded to a past memory.

Jen has guided me in PSYCH-K intensive therapy sessions where she has challenged me to challenge and change my subconscious thoughts to change the way I transition through daily life. From work, family, food, and friends.

It has helped me to change a lot of my thinking. I have learned to be more assertive and confident. I have developed a far healthier view of eating. My relationships with my family have improved.

Jen has given me the tools to change my life for the better. Now I continue to live my life to the fullest and I thank her every day.”

“I have been a client of Jen’s for some time, working with various methods of therapy to assist me with anxiety issues, which have resulted in panic attacks.

I have found psychodynamic psychotherapy to be very helpful as I have an opportunity to vocalise my issues and address them, rather than continuing to see my issues as not being anything worthy of attention.

Another method of therapy Jen has used is EMDR which has had amazingly positive effects. Once I have acknowledged the experiences which trigger anxiety, I can then work through them. These experiences then become a memory rather than a trigger for negative and anxiety producing thoughts.

The most recent therapy Jen and introduced me to is PSYCH-K. This has been of even more benefit as it is not as confronting or emotionally draining as other therapies whilst still enabling me to address my issues and put them in perspective. It has also meant the out of control thought processes are controlled and are no longer a trigger to increased anxiety levels.

I would recommend Jen’s supportive manner and her method, in particular PSYCH-K, to every person as there is nobody without issues and life experiences of discomfort.

I also recommend Jen as a psychologist. Her professionalism and persona make me feel comfortable, unjudged, and confident. This has changed my life for the better.“

“Jen has been a practising Clinical Psychologist for over twenty years.

I have been in therapy with Jen now for over three years using traditional “talking” therapy. The results of this for me have been simply remarkable and most rewarding. Jen is a sensitive and empathetic therapist with marvellous insight. Talk about “above & beyond the call of duty”. Jen, in order to get more background, took the time & trouble to read an autobiographical book my niece published about her own story and issues in our family. Traditional therapy gives you a clear and deeper understanding of the issues you have faced, how they developed, the insights you have gained and the changes you have made in coming to a calm, powerful and satisfying resolution of them. Unfortunately traditional psychotherapy can be a long, sometimes very long, process.

There is a relatively new process, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) which is used often for resolving traumatic cases as it almost magically, and quite quickly, removes the stresses of the situation. The stresses have gone, the issue feels resolved, but you have no knowledge or understanding of how that resolution happened.
Jen is now an accomplished facilitator of an even newer, richer and more powerful procedure, called PSYCH-K™️. Your reality is created by your beliefs. PSYCH-K™️ can quickly and safely identify and transform beliefs that limit you into beliefs that support you in any area of your life.

And some of those changes can take place in less than an hour!

I wholeheartedly recommend Jen to you.”

A bit about the originator of PSYCH-K®: Rob Williams:

Rob believes that all our beliefs are rewritable. Toxic beliefs can be hazardous to our health. Our immune system is the thing that lives between us and wellbeing and / or sickness. We want to make sure our immune system is our best friend and not our worst enemy. An important part of the way to do this, in addition to eating well, exercising, paying attention to our life choices, is the psychological, psychosocial and psychospiritual component of living on this planet. Our beliefs matter enormously, in terms of how we express who we are, and the kinds of experiences that we have.

We create our reality through our beliefs because that is the only reality we know. As soon as we wake up enough, at the conscious mind level, to begin to see what is not working for us, we can challenge it and make a change. We can choose different beliefs to be driving our thoughts and choices.

As adults, we get a greater ability to discern what is working for us and what is not. Our beliefs are our perception of a situation, which dictates our reality. For example, two people are walking down the street and see a dog. One might perceive the dog as a cuddly, friendly, fluffy thing and bend down and give it a pat. The other person may breakout into a cold sweat and stand rigidly waiting for the dog to pass by. This example clearly shows that our beliefs create our perception which, in turn, creates our reality.

We can decide that we would like a set of beliefs that enhances our immune system and capability to keep us well and happy. In a field called psychoneuroimmunology, scientists are researching health and wellness, through the mind and body connection. The more we understand this connection, the more we can use our minds to manage our bodies.

Rob credits PSYCH- K® with accelerating our spiritual evolution. As we are all connected – by changing ourselves, we can change the world. Furthermore, he acknowledges that it is up to each of us to embody the principles of the world we want to create. As we transform our lives, we become an inspiration and an example to all around us to transform their lives.

“By taking responsibility for our own psyches and our own lives, we are contributing to the whole of humanity”

“When you change yourself, you change the world”.

PSYCH-K® Interview Series with the originator, Rob Williams

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PSYCH-K® Disclaimer

PSYCH-K® is a helpful resource and may offer benefits for many physiological, psychological, and spiritual concerns. However, it is NOT a substitute for medical treatment. PSYCH-K® is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs and their relationship to wellbeing.

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